Technology Insurance by Industry

Technology Insurance by Industry

When it comes to innovation, the only thing holding technology companies back should be imagination, not insurance. With this in mind, technology businesses usually operate a few steps ahead of the curve. While this forward thinking leads to great success, it can also expose your business to elevated levels of risk.

Technology Insurance can help your technology business find the right mix of insurance for the level of risk your business takes.  We offer industry expertise and a broad range of insurance solutions tailored to the tech industry. Technology Insurance also has the underwriting expertise to help you with emerging, unusual and complex technology risks. We understand the range of risks technology companies face, and we’re ready for what the future may bring.

The following are some examples of industries who can benefit from specific technology insurance coverage.

Information technology (IT)

IT companies can be any business who provides computer, software, internet and web-based products and services. In this increasingly competitive marketplace, assessing risk is pivotal to the success of any technology business. Companies in the IT industry are typically at the front of the pack in terms of innovation. This can bring many unknown and unexpected risks. Because Technology Insurance is industry specific, our agents have unique expertise that allows them to find a broad range of insurance solutions tailored to the individual needs of this market.

Medical technology

This category of businesses includes all companies who create, sell and distribute medical equipment. This could also include research laboratories and institutes. Our agents know the industry-specific coverages and services that span the life-cycle of product development from R&D, to clinic trials, to production and distribution.  At Technology Insurance, our agents can find the most complete coverage for the set of risks unique to your medical business.

Electronics manufacturing

Companies who sell computers, electronic components, industrial electronics, and instrument measuring equipment all have elevated risks associated with the nature of their business. Insurance can span from Technology Errors and Omissions Insurance to Cyber Liability Insurance. Agents at Technology Insurance can help Electronics Manufacturing Companies anticipate emerging and unforeseen risks.

Renewable energy

Businesses interacting in the renewable energy field could be software developers, metal goods manufacturers, contractors, maintenance technicians and power services providers. This industry is pushing the envelope in terms of how energy can be created. Because of this there are many unforeseen risks that arise. Our industry specific agents allow us to tailor coverage to each companies unique business needs.

International technology

In today’s global economy, more and more businesses are engaged in international commerce.  Overseas markets can bring new customers, new opportunities and new risks. These risks can be as simple as sending an employee to a conference in London, importing or exporting raw materials or having a sales office in another country.  Each of these types of international business bring a unique set of risks.  Technology Insurance has the expertise to find the coverage that is just right for your international business.


Telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers both have a need for additional technology insurance coverage.  Whether your business is a telecommunication manufacturer or a service provider Technology Insurance offers a broad range of insurance solutions tailored specifically to the telecommunications industry.  Our agents can provide individualized property, liability and risk management solutions that respond to your business needs now and in the future.


As an accountant, you work with a lot of sensitive financial information.  This can expose your business to high levels of risk. Many of these risks are not covered under a general liability policy.  Agents at Technology Insurance have the skills and expertise to help you fills the gaps in the coverage of your accounting business.


In the advertising profession, you succeed when your creative work and innovative marketing ideas meet your client’s artistic vision and business expectations.  Getting all of these things to converge can create unique types of risk for your advertising business. While creative marketing work can be very rewarding, its subjective nature can expose your business to higher levels of risk. Agents at Technology Insurance have the knowledge and expertise to find the right policy at the right price for your advertising business.


Attorney / Client Privileges are at the heart of an good law practice.  As a lawyer, you understand the impact risk can have on businesses. Protecting your clients sensitive data is paramount to your law business.  Technology Insurance can help you protect your business against the risks you face in the law business.

Financial Consultant

As a financial professional, you deal with clients sensitive financial information each and every day.  This could expose your financial consulting company to elevated levels of risk in relation to your computer software.  Additional coverage like cyber liability coverage may be necessary to completely cover your financial consulting business.  Agents at Technology Insurance can help find the policies that fit to your unique business needs needs.